Biophilic office spaces

In the modern workplace, it is becoming increasingly important to create a comfortable and inspiring working environment. This is especially true in today’s ‘always-on’ digital culture. By introducing biophilic elements into the office space, it is possible to promote comfort, reduce stress levels and ultimately create a healthier working environment.


Achieving Comfort in the Heart of the Office: Kitchen Renovation

We wanted to make sure that this new kitchen space provided comfort and relaxation, while still being functional. To achieve this, we opted for warm neutral colours such as olive green, beige, browns and whites combined with natural wood elements. We also included soft furniture pieces like cosy armchairs that provide a sense of home-like comfort. In addition to the lounge area, we incorporated high-end appliances like a professional automatic coffee machine for convenience during snack or coffee breaks. The result is a welcome retreat within the hustle and bustle of the office space that's both visually pleasing and highly functional.


Office premises Phase II.  

In Phase II of this project, we focused on a complete renovation of the sales office space. The aim was to create a flexible workspace which meets the criteria of the current hybrid working model. Thanks to close collaboration with the project manager and the sales team, we were able to design functional office space. Additionally, we applied Biophilic office design elements to reduce stress and add to the well-being of the team.


Office premises Phase I. 

Commercial office premises located in the center of Helsinki will be renovated in stages. This was the first phase. The social impact of Covid-19 has changed the way commercial office spaces are used. It was necessary to redesign the current premises to a new scheme of the hybrid workplace.  


Commercial office spaces concept design

This was the first concept design proposal to a client. After a few changes, we were able to proceed to completion.