Creating Biophilic Office Spaces: Comfort & Quality

In the modern workplace, it is becoming increasingly important to create a comfortable and inspiring working environment. This is especially true in today’s ‘always-on’ digital culture. By introducing biophilic elements into the office space, it is possible to promote comfort, reduce stress levels and ultimately create a healthier working environment.

One great way to achieve this is through the use of electrically adjustable desks. By allowing employees to tailor their workstation to their individual needs, you can make sure that everyone is comfortable no matter how long they are sitting at their desk.

You also need to consider the quality of your office lighting. High-quality LED lighting can help to reduce eye strain, headaches and fatigue, making sure that employees stay alert and productive throughout their working day.

The overall goal when creating a biophilic office space should be one of balance; between functionality and esthetic appeal, between comfort and ergonomics.


Designing a Hybrid Office in the centre of Helsinki

As businesses adjust to the new normal of working remotely, many are now transitioning to a hybrid workplace model, combining remote and onsite work. For companies, designing a hybrid office that makes the most of their space is critical.

Custom-made office phone booths were a great way to make use of the otherwise unused corridor space without the need for extensive remodelling, creating an easily configurable solution that allows staff members more privacy while they work remotely or take video calls. This was just one example of how covid-19 has changed our approach towards office design, but certainly not the last as we continue to adapt workspaces.  


 United Bankers Tampere

It was an honour to design new office spaces in this beautiful Art Nouveau / Jugend architecture building. A client's main wish was to create a nature-inspired interior by incorporating natural elements like wood and stone.


Bathroom renovation 

This sauna bathroom in a private residential space was originally made with black marble tiles. Challenging space without direct sunlight needed to brighten up with a lighter and warmer colour palette and materials.