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Redesigning 1200m²  in Helsinki Headquarters:  Incorporating Biophilic/Hybrid model work interior elements

As companies adapt to the new normal of remote working, many are now transitioning to a hybrid office model that combines remote and onsite work. Designing a hybrid office that meets the company's requirements is crucial.

In today's workplace, creating a comfortable and inspiring working environment is increasingly important. By incorporating biophilic elements into the office space, it is possible to promote comfort, reduce stress levels, and ultimately create a healthier working environment.
High-quality office lighting is the most important feature of biophilic interiors. It can help reduce eye strain, headaches, and fatigue, ensuring that employees stay alert and productive throughout the day.
One way to improve comfort is to use electrically adjustable desks, allowing employees to customize their workstations according to their individual needs. This ensures that everyone feels comfortable no matter how long they are sitting at their desk.
Earthy colours create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, as they resemble nature.
Plants add personality to any space and come with an array of health and wellness benefits to boost any interior with Vitamin Nature. Incorporating interior plants helps bring nature indoors, improving air quality and enhancing the overall aesthetic and well-being of employees.

When creating a biophilic office space, balance should be the overall goal, between functionality and aesthetic appeal, between comfort and ergonomics


 United Bankers

Designing new office spaces within a stunning Art Nouveau/Jugend architecture building presented a remarkable opportunity. The primary requirement from the client was to integrate a nature-inspired interior, characterized by natural elements such as wood and stone.

The design approach involved a careful balance between preserving the building's historic charm and infusing it with contemporary functionality. Drawing inspiration from the building's elegant framework, a design palette was curated, emphasizing the seamless integration of natural elements.

Every detail, from material selection to finishes and furnishings, was meticulously chosen to ensure coherence between the space's architectural heritage and modern workspace needs. The result was an environment that exuded sophistication while providing a serene retreat within the urban landscape.

The project aimed to seamlessly weave nature-inspired elements into the office space, fostering creativity, and collaboration, and enhancing the overall human experience.